• We need your help! Towels, oh my!

    Aug 13 2014

    highparkadmin | Seasonal

    Here at the Animal Hospital of High Park, we are getting low on towels! As you know, towels are a handy partner for handling birds, small mammals and reptiles, as…

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    The Ticks Attack!

    Jul 24 2014

    highparkadmin | Seasonal

    Greetings, animal lovers! We have a story to share with you. Meet Frankie.   Frankie came in to visit us with some mean ol’ red spots on his stomach. This…

  • Summer is here at last! And so are the fleas.

    Jul 02 2014

    highparkadmin | Education, Seasonal

    Are your cats itching for summer? Make sure they’re not itching with fleas! With the warmer weather here, the little parasite we all know too well is starting to pop…

  • Tick tock, the ticks are here!

    Apr 02 2014

    highparkadmin | Seasonal

    Drat those ticks! Here in southern Ontario, ticks are becoming more and more of a nuisance. Since the 1990s, ticks have gone from being found on the shores of Lake…

  • Watch out for cold weather!

    Jan 31 2014

    highparkadmin | Seasonal

    It has been a long, cold winter this year. Toronto has gotten a lot of snow, cold and ice so far this season, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing…

  • WWF Climb Success!

    May 06 2013

    highparkadmin | Seasonal

    Hey there, animal lovers!! The ladies of the Animal Hospital of High Park would like to thank everyone for their generous support! We couldn’t have done the CN tower climb…

  • CN Tower WWF Climb

    Mar 25 2013

    highparkadmin | Seasonal

    Hey there, animal lovers! In preparation for the WWF CN Tower Climb, our clinic is having a Gift Basket Raffle and Bake Sale! We’ll have treats for pets AND their…

  • Halloween! What were YOU doing?

    Nov 01 2012

    highparkadmin | Seasonal

    Here at the Animal Hospital of High Park, we hope all our furry, feathery, scaly friends had a great Halloween. We would LOVE to see photos of your little ones…

  • Heartworm season – Is your pet protected?

    Jul 05 2012

    highparkadmin | Seasonal

    What is Heartworm? Heartworm is an internal parasite (Dirofilaria immitis) that commonly affects dogs, and is now recognized as a problem in cats. This parasite is found in the blood.…