Jul 24 2014

The Ticks Attack!

Greetings, animal lovers!Frankie Radics 23July14 3

We have a story to share with you. Meet Frankie.


Frankie came in to visit us with some mean ol’ red spots on his stomach. This is what they looked like:


Frankie Radics 23July14 1See how these marks look like a target? This shape is typical of a tick bite, although other parasites or skin conditions can also cause marks like this.

We’re suspicious of ticks because Frankie was having a grand time up at the cottage – areas with lots of trees and forest-like areas are now prime areas for ticks to live.

Remember in our previous post about ticks, we let you know that ticks are becoming much more prevalent here in Southern Ontario – the warmer weather we’re getting these days encourages those icky arachnids to come up further north. We’re seeing a lot more of them in areas that didn’t have as many previously.

Remember to check your pet over thoroughly when the family is out in a woodsy area to make sure there are no ticks attached to your pet. If you do find any and attempt to remove them, be sure to remove them carefully – a ticks mouthparts are usually embedded in your pets skin and they can be left behind when removing the tick and can lead to abscesses. If you are unsure how to remove a tick properly, give your vet a call.

Don’t let Frankie’s story be repeated, consider tick prevention when you go with your pets to a woodsy area.

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