Jul 02 2014

Summer is here at last! And so are the fleas.

Are your cats itching for summer? Make sure they’re not itching with fleas!

fleaWith the warmer weather here, the little parasite we all know too well is starting to pop up again. Whether your cats are indoor only, outdoors sometimes, or outdoors all the time, make sure to protect them from fleas and internal parasites this season!

Fleas are small vertically flattened parasites that hide on and throughout your pet’s fur. With their tiny needle-like mouthparts, they feed on your pet’s blood and cause discomfort and an itching sensation. Some pets may even develop skin allergies from having fleas and this could cause them even more discomfort and irritation.

Preventing fleas is easy, treating them is a lot more difficult. With Advantage Multi, it’s just a small dose onto the back of the head/ neck and you’re not only protecting your cat from fleas but also from some internal parasites like roundworms, hookworms and even heartworm!

Many people believe that if you’re cat is indoors, it is completely protected from things like fleas and internal parasites. Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case. Certain stages in the flea and other parasites’ development are extraordinarily sticky and could potentially be brought in on the owner’s shoes or clothes. This is why we’ve had some clients bring in their pets with fleas even though they’ve never left the household. Living in an apartment or shared household can also increase the risk for the fleas hitching a ride in to your home. Although your cat is indoors, others in the neighbourhood may not be and can bring the party inside to your previously safe cat.

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