Jun 20 2014

Greetings from the avian world!

Greetings from Dovey! Dovey is a ringneck dove who came for her very important semi-annual exam. She is such a sweetheart, we needed to let everyone see how lovely she is.

Remember, animals age at a different rate than humans – we’re supposed to go to our doctor once a year for a checkup. When you think about how pets age, if they only went to the doctor once a year, that would be approximately equivalent to a human going to the doctor only once every SEVEN YEARS! That’s why here at the Animal Hospital of High Park we recommend semi-annual exams to all our pet owners. When we’re able to see your pet more often, we’re able to catch some issues before they begin impacting your pet’s lifestyle and quality of happiness.

Regardless of how many times you come to visit us, we always love to say hello! Our feathered, furred and scaled friends are so sweet that even popping in for a quick hello brightens our day.

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