Feb 03 2014

Dental Health Month

Have you brushed your cat or dog’s teeth today?

Dental healthcare in our pets is just as important as it is for us. They can also develop severe dental issues if the teeth are not looked after and those issues can affect their whole body! If dental issues are caught early on, a thorough dental cleaning can help to get your pet’s teeth back on track.

In appreciation of February being National Dental Health Month, we are offering a promotional $400 dental cleaning for your cat or dog with Grade 1 or Grade 2 dental scores. We want to help keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy!

See if your pet qualifies! Book an appointment today for a full check-up and dental examination to find out. Your pet must be up to date on vaccines and their fecal testing in order to qualify and the check up exam must be booked within the month of February. Some restrictions may apply, please contact us for further details!


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