Aug 31 2012

Things to consider when getting a new pet

Whether purchasing from a breeder or adopting from the Humane Society, it is important to prepare for your pet’s arrival.  This is especially true with exotic species.

Here are 5 things you can do to prepare for the arrival of your new best friend.

1. Read up on and plan for your pet’s social and training needs.  The most common cause of pet relinquishment in North America is due to behavioural problems – from biting to inappropriate urination.  Don’t let your new family member be one of them!
2. Research their temperament.  Some species are more challenging to keep than others.   Some species like to be handled often and others require a hands off approach.  If adopting from a Humane Society, be sure to ask if this pet is good with kids!
3. Research dietary requirements.  If the Bearded Dragon you have in mind needs to eat insects – be sure you know which kind are healthy, and find a reliable source to buy them from!   This is true of all species – ask your veterinarian for nutritional guidance.
4. Learn about their environmental needs.   One of the most common causes of illness in the exotic species we see is due to improper husbandry and environmental management.
5. Look for a veterinarian – Not only should you scout a veterinary clinic in a convenient location, but you should feel comfortable with their approach to your pet’s care.  Book a tour of the clinic and a meet and greet with your veterinarian and staff.

As part of your veterinary visit, be sure to review the special needs of your pet.

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